Where is the best place to go local dogging?

fucking horny milf outsideWould You Like To Meet Dogging? Many of our online members have certain preferences of where they like to meet up and have sex. Here is a list of of where local dogging occurs most:

Car Park- the great thing about a car park is the idea that you can enter and get away quickly.

Woodland territory – this is good if you get turned on by doing it in muddy fields or amongst trees.
Country lane- there a some magnificent views and country walks. If you like to include sight seeing etc into your steamy sexy romps this is the place for you.

You may prefer going to a national park for local dogging. Not only can you dog in these areas its also a nice place to go camping. If you are looking to clean a girls anus out- it might be nice to eat marshmallows together afterwards.
Supermarket car parks- these are becoming increasingly popular as you can go into the supermarket to buy condoms, whipped cream, lubrication etc then come out into the car park and make love to a hot wrinkly slag.

Forrests – some of our online members at www.maturedogginguk.com favour forests as they like it when the brambles and rough terrain are on their back – they enjoy the pain as it turns them on.
Athletic sports ground- some mature doggers enjoy vast open spaces because when they make love to their counter part they feel at one with nature. Golf courses at night are also appealing.

Why I love dogging mums to much:

“Hello my name is Gary from Kent and I have a lovely experience dogging mums a few nights ago. We met on the online dating site and we arranged to meet in ASDA car park that very evening. She same into my car and she started rubbing my genitals through my jeans. I was instantly erect and proceeded to open my zip, she tossed me off, back forth and back forth and within about four minutes I had cum all over the car stereo system – she then licked the seaman off and swallowed it. Then I fingered her in return and she whaled like a pig – she absolutely loved it. I would definitely recommend this site if you are after local dogging”

desperate slut doggingHow to make your profile attract potential doggers

Make sure you are smiling in your profile picture as this will make you look appealing to potential doggers. Some of our members like to pose with their mobile phone – “lets got and speak dirty”. Sign up today for free and come and join in all the local dogging action.