Where can I go dogging safely?

Would You Like To Meet Dogging? The best thing to do if you want to dog safely is get to know the person you are speaking to online first. Talk about your hobbies and interests, perhaps even talk on the phone. We advise to meet in a public place first of all which is ironic considering you have both signed up for a dogging web site where you will actually be shagging outdoors.

Many of our members ask where can i go dogging and we direct them to our website called www.doggingmums.com, on this web site we have all the do’s and don’t of dogging. Once you sign up we will give you all the information you need about where do go, the type of person to do it with and we can connect you with an online community who have forums discussing the nature of dogging. There, you will be able to get ideas and even in some cases organise group orgies out in the fields etc.

desperate dogger in actionRead a diary entry from one of our horny dogging mums called Sandra from Manchester:

“Hi My name is Sandra and I have been a dogging mums on this website for 5 years. I have really enjoyed myself on here because if there is one thing I love in life, well then that has to be shagging men in car parks and fields etc. And if they don’t want me shagging them, well then I am quite happy giving them a blow job or playing sexual games.

I am an easy going girl and doesn’t take a lot to turn me on, so I often leave what we do sexually up to the guy I meet online. Being an older girl I am very confident in my body so I really like trying new things. I met up with a man called Mike in a car park last week and he started by licking out my vagina in the back of his truck – I truly love it when a man does this to me and within minutes I was dripping wet. We then did anal and he had the sweetest looking dick I think I have ever seen. I am a dirty little princess and when people ask, “where can I go dogging” I often say to them you must get on www.doggingmums.com to find out”

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We have recently added 809,983 new dogging to our online members database. We have got so many women on here gagging for it, now all we need is guys to sign in to giving these horny doggers the time of their lives outdoors. The sign up is a free process and the benefits of this site is second to none.Why let everyone else of the fun dogging when you could be joining in too?