Where can I find Local doggers?

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How different types of weather outside can lead to different types of sex With Dogging Mums

Rainy weather: When local dogging mums are having sex and it starts to rain in can really add to the feeling of sexual intercourse. Water droplets on the tender breasts can be a real turn – not to mention that that the weather helps as lubrication. It is a very similar feeling when couples add oil to each others bodies. When a man and a womans body slipping and sliding during intercourse it can be very sensational and couple love this.
Windy weather: the wind can flap a mans genitals from side to side. When the genitals are pressed up against a woman she can often enjoy the feeling of the testicals swinging towards her. Also when the wind goes amongst a woman hair- on her head and around her genitals it can give the “hollywood” effect turning men on.
Sunny weather: this is often seen as the most popular as the sweaty skin can help during intercourse. Women release pheromones which heightens the whole experience of sex.

sexy horny mumThe benefit of hiring a van if having group sex outdoors

It is worth either investing in a van or consider hiring one out. Many who do often park up in car parks and take part in gang bangs. These can be really erotic affairs as two men can spit roast one woman. Ultimate pleasure can come from group sex- but if you want it within a vehicle then a van is what we would recommend.