Dogging Mums USA

public sex in californiaFrom the East coast to the West Coast, dogging moms is becoming more and more popular across America. Lets face it, having sex with someone in a car has been going on since cars were invented but with divorce rates on the rise, more and more people are going to local hook up spots to have sex with sexual milfs who have gone out looking for a fuck.

Find a hot mom!

If you are interested in having sex with moms who are looking for quickie, no strings attached sex in the back of a car, this is the perfect site for you! With millions of profiles from women across the states, you could be messaging your ideal woman within minutes of signing up to the site.

Established in 2005 had come a long way since we started the site back in 2005. We wanted to create a site for straight men and women to meet up with the opposite sex for a fuck in the woods. The site was an instant success with thousands of people signing up. To date this site has millions of members all actively loging in each day to find their next fuck buddy.

What this site offers

milfs in the usaChoose your state and your area code when you sign up. Create your own sexy profile and begin to meet dogging moms who are looking for sex.

Filter your results.

With thousands of members signed up we can give you a unique online dating experience. You can drill down into the members you really want to meet based on their appearance and their sexual appetites. So for example, if you want to go dogging but want to meet a women who specifically likes oral sex or anal sex, just add these filters in and we will only show you the women who meet that description. If you only really want to meet fat women or women with blonde hair, just enter these and we will filter out all other results. This website has been created for ease of use.

Call us!

Any problems at all call us 24-7 on our help line and we can help out with any questions you have. Even advice if this is your first time going dogging!

Easy sign up

Signing up to the site couldn’t be easier. It is a simple 5-step process and no payment details are required at all. Have a look around the site and see if there are any members you want to reach out to.

Good luck on your dogging journey!

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