UK’s NO.1 Dogging Dating Site

dogging sex onlineAre you looking for a horny dogging dating site near you? Men and women across the UK are all looking for the top dogging site out there to guarantee them more sex next time they head into the mountains for a bit of sexy fun. Well if that is what you are looking for then look no further. is the most unique site on the planet. We have thousands of mothers who are horny as hell and looking for a bit of a dogging date. However I am pretty sure that these women would never refer to it as a date. See, half of them don’t really want to know anything about the men they are having sex with.

The beauty of dogging mums

The best thing about dogging mums is that you are having sex with strangers. Unlike most dating site, the key is to get to know the person before meeting up, most of the women on this site don’t actually want to know much about you before they meet up, they want to have that excitement of meeting up in the woods and fucking someone they don’t know, hard.

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Post your car park and your time.

dates for the best doggersMany of the members like to just post on their profiles the car par they are heading out to and the times they are going there. This has become common practice now. What men tend to do is to just keep an eye on these women’s profiles and head out with them at the same time. You might find you could shag them twice in one evening.

Sex with many doggers at once.

If you are shy then dogging is probably not the site for you. Most of the time when you are fucking a woman in a car park or layby there will be other men watching you. Many of those men will have their dicks out and will be having a wank over your fucking this woman. In turn you might find yourself having a wank over watching other men fuck too. While you stand around waiting for your turn you might as well get yourself going so you can can stick your dick in straight away as soon as she is ready for you.

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