The best things about sex in a car

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The best things about sex in a car with Dogging mums

Here are a few of the reasons why everyone should be having more sex in the back of the car.

1. It is very exciting, lets face it, you are probably surrounded by windows, even though you can attempt to duck down behind the glass, if someone walks past they are going to see everything. The risk of being caught red handed like this in public can be a real rush for most people who like sex in a car.
2. Less room which means you sex positions will have to be more adventurous. Its not the easiest place to have sex but because of this you may have to try a few different positions that you have never thought of before.

Your arse might end up being right up against the glass so anyone walking past could get a real eyeful.

More about sex in a car..

3. Have sex anywhere but from the warmth of your car. You could drive to the beach one day and then the next day drive to a dogging mums car park.

I mean lets face it, if you love it that much you may decide to just pop out to the car on the drive way and have a quick fuck in the middle of the day.
4. The heaters. I think anyone who has ever had sex on the back seat of a car will say that it really is a blessing to be able to pop the heating on full and get nice an hot within minutes of starting.
horny car sex5. Have a cheeky car affair. Meet someone online; tell your wife you are popping out for some petrol.

Pick up a random woman, fuck her in a layby somewhere then drop her home and drive back to your wife and kids. There are many women on this site who are looking for sex in a car. A quick unexpected fuck throughout the week.
6. Ever seen a woman put the gearstick up their fanny. Well if you are the type of person that loves sex in the car then this is something you are going to have to witness at some point in your life.

Top tip here is to make sure you don’t clean it after wards so you know you always have some pussy juice on the gear stick when you are simply driving the car around.

If you have never tried sex in a car and it is something that tickles your fancy then you should definitely give it a go!