Meet housewives that go dogging

wife dogging by carMillions of housewives across the UK go dogging. After a long day of looking after the kids, cleaning the house and preparing food for their husbands. Many of these horny wives are left feeling bored and frustrated. It doesn’t take long before these women start to consider having an affair simply to add a little bit of excitement into their lives.

The sneaking around and the lying might be too much stress for many people to bear but when you are looking for a little bit of fun it suddenly adds that zest back into your life. Having an affair with a married woman is an extremely exciting thing to do and there is nothing better than getting another mans wife into bed. The question is, once these wives have had one or two affairs and they realize they can get away with it. Even this begins to loose its excitement. Remember that these women already have husbands. They are not looking to find love, they are simple looking for a bit of fanny action. If having an affair doesn’t do it for them anymore, they can quite easily begin to look elsewhere.

So why dogging mums?

Some women are just very horny and very bored, they are just looking for a lot of attention off adoring men. There is no time men are going to adore them more than when they are on the bonnet of a car with their legs apart. At most of these dogging mums events the women just want as many men to cum as possible. It actually gives them pleasure to know that they are pleasing so many men in one night and that they can turn on so many men at the same time. (while there husband is asleep at home.)

wife pleasing three doggersWives and husbands dogging

Some of the men even know that their wives go dogging, just listen to this story

“I actually drive my wife up to the dogging car parks at night, I love to watch men fuck her. There is something about it that really turns me on. It is a bit like seeing your wife in a porno. On top of this, it sparks real jealousy in men that makes me want to fuck my wife too.

Another thing is at least I know she is safe. It used to really bother me when she went out without me. Even though a lot of these men are nice guys, you never really know. I mean, its not like we really know them”