Glasgow mothers try out dogging

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That is what it is all about. Many of the women who sign up from Glasgow are looking to have more dogging in their life. They are here because for some reason, they are having trouble finding men to shag. Or perhaps they are just looking for a discreet relationship. They don’t want to be going out to bars and clubs every weekend seeking to pull a man.

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That is what makes online so easy and so simple. This applied to all over the world but particularly in Glasgow. We have the highest number of dogging mums than any other city in the UK.

What happens when I sign up To Dogging?

Signing up to this site is completely free, we do not even ask for any payment methods. Once you are signed up, we then show you a list of the women in your area who are eager toGlasgow Doggers meet up for sex. Once you are on the list you can go through and filter our members down to the types that interest you the most. From hair colour to height, build and even sexual interests. The possibilities are endless!