Meet new dogging friends in Edinburgh

Would You Like To Meet Dogging in Edinburgh? Edinburgh is a beautiful place to live and meet a dogger. Even though it is slightly cold this time of year, many men and women are still heading out at night hoping that they are going to get Edinburgh car park doggerlucky and pull a hot mum. Let’s face it. All men love to have sex, whether it is a one night stand with a woman that you met in a pub or even if you are heading out to some of the dogging car parks to find yourself a dogger slut.

Dogging mums in Edinburgh

Most of the people on the dogging scene will tell you that there are quite a lot of dogging car parks around Edinburgh. Some are more popular than others but as all dogger women know. You could head to the most popular dogging car park and not have a single shag for months, or you could hang out in the newer, less popular car parks and get fucked all night.

Here is what one of our female doggers from Edinburgh wrote into us the other day which explains this point quite well.

“My name is Sally, and I am a dogger. I have been dogging now for a few years, but I have only just recently realised something. I hate turning up to a dogging car park that is full of men. Sometimes too many men are not sexy. What I like to do now is find new car parks, with a lot fewer men in. I like to please a small group of men at night in a dogging car park. I don’t like having twenty men all gathered around. That makes the entire thing loose its magic in my opinion.

Dogger women

I want to be able to please all the guys and go home without feeling like I have swallowed ten different men’s cum. For me, it is all about meeting up with three to five men. I signed up to this site because I want to start my own dogging mums car parks. Then I Edinburgh dogging womenfound a few places that no one visits like small car parks. I have come online to invite some of these men to places that no one else goes. Now I know you might be thinking that this is not dogging at that point. But what I do is just not really talk to them that much so we are still all strangers when we meet up.”