Dogging mums Canada

dogging moms in canada From Vancouver to Montreal, Canada is a sexually alive country. Some of the biggest sex dating sites in the world is based in Canada and is rapidly becoming one of them. We have thousands of men and women from across Canada signing up to have their next fling in the back seat of a car

No strings attached.

Whether you are married, in a relationship or single, this website is all about hard core, no strings attached sex. No one on this site is looking for more than a one-night stand. If you are looking for your next boyfriend or girlfriends then this is not the site for you. The men and women on this site enjoy sex with strangers.

What is dogging?

Just in case you don’t know, dogging is the act of meeting other random people in a car park for sex. Many people drive to certain laybys and car parks near their house at night knowing that there are going to be other men and women waiting for a shag. Often after a few flashes of your car light the fun begins.

Dogging car parks are knows for being filthy often with multiple men and women being shagged at the same time.

Why do we need this site?

The issue is there is often a lot of time waiting around in the car parks for the next shag to come along. We created this website as a way to know exactly what time others are going to be turning up to a car park. Many of the dogging mums on this site post the times and the car parks they are going to be going to on their profiles before they go out so they know more men are going to be there waiting for them.

Here is a quote from Alice in Toronto

“I don’t evdogging mums in canadaen car if I cum, I just love having men cum inside me. It makes me feel really sexy that I can actually make men that excited. Its is actually more of a numbers game for me. My boyfriend comes with me so I know nothing bad can happen. He enjoys watching me being fucked by other men in the boot of the car. I like there to be at least six men waiting to fuck me when I turn up at the car park so I post the time and location on my profile a few days before to make sure they are all their waiting. This website has definitely made my car park more popular.

Free sign up

It is 100% free to sign up to this site, we don’t ask for any card or payment details on sign up, just a real email address and name. Once you are on, you can create your profile and start meeting other doggers who live in your area. What are you waiting for?

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