Best dogging car parks

sexy dogging laybysWould You Like To Meet Dogging? Are you online right now looking for some of the best dogging car parks to go to? Perhaps you are looking for the most popular spots where you know there are going to be a lot of women turning up. Unfortunately, I have some bad news, there is not really such a thing as a good dogging car park or a bad dogging car park. The only thing that ever makes a difference is the amount of women who turn up. I mean think about it for a moment, would you rather go to a really popular dogging car park that is full of men, or a smaller layby or lane near you house that is not very popular at all but has two women sitting there waiting to be shagged?

Of course everyone would pick the smaller car park. The problem is how is this possible? Well off line this is impossible, there is no way this could ever happen offline, but when you come online you are greeted by a world of horny women who are also seeking men to have sex with. Once you sign up to this site you will no longer have to research popular dogging locations, you can make any location you like the best dogging location by simply organising to meet women there who you have previously met online.

Make you own best dogging mums car park

Perhaps there is a local park near you that you can get to easily, lets say in the evening when your wife is getting into bed, you can say you are popping out to get some tooth paste and you could easily drive to this car park or layby near your house. Waiting for you at this car park is a dogging mums you had met earlier that day on this site. You know that she is local as you selected that you only wanted to meet women who live less than 3 miles away from your house so you know she would know the park too. You get out the car and you continue to fuck her up the arse on the hood of her the best dogger in car parkcar.

How is this possible? Well because when you arrived on the site you filtered your results so you would only see the women who enjoyed anal sex. Then when you filtered your results you selected all the women you liked the look of you sent them all a message asking if any of them fancied dogging that evening at 10 pm . When they got back you organised to meet them. It really is that simple, you see the best dogging car parks are the ones where you actually get to meet new people and start having real sex with them.

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